The 2013 Portland Timbers OPL State Cup will take place during the latter 3 weekends of April, with the Finals taking place on May 4. The tournament is a Round Robin format, with teams advancing to quarterfinals or semi-finals, based on the number of teams in each bracket. Due to the format of this tournament, and the already limited field space, teams will not be permitted to request dates off from competition. 

The round-robin games and any potential quarterfinal games are a home and away format; knockout games will take place at a pre-determined location.

The Portland Timbers OPL State Cup Finals will take place May 4th, at the Howard Terpenning Sports Complex, in Beaverton, Oregon. 

There is no LEAGUE roster freeze for this event. Club administrators must submit tournament rosters for their participating teams to the Oregon Premier League no later than April 5, for verification and approval. The rosters will be returned to the clubs for re-distribution to their teams. 

The participation fee for this year’s tournament is $550. 

State Cup Winners from U13-U17 have the opportunity to advance to the US Club Soccer National Cup in Denver, as representatives of the Oregon Premier League.

Rules and Other Information

There will be no pre-tournament check-in for this event; referees will check-in teams every game.

All rosters must be the US Club Soccer rosters; the preference is for them to be printed in COLOR. 

The tournament will operate under FIFA, and OPL Director’s Cup Rules of Competition for 2012-13, with the exception of the following touranment scoring parameters.

The Portland Timbers OPL HS Director’s Cup round robin play is scored in a 10-point format: 6 points for a win, 3 point for a tie, 1 point for a shutout, 1 point for each goal scored up to 3 goals maximum, and zero points for a loss. Forfeited games are recorded as 0-1 losses by the forfeiting teams; any team choosing to forfeit remaining round-robin games for any reason will have all preceding results vacated and will be charged a $1,000 fine. 
Tie Breakers are determined in the following order: Head-to-Head Competition; Goal Differential (up to 4 goals MAX per game), Goals Against, Goals For, Red Cards Received (Players and Coaches); Penalty Kicks, pursuant to FIFA tie-breaking procedure. 


FIFA Rules of Competition (2012-13)

Portland Timbers OPL Director's Cup Rules of Competition (2012-2013)


Score Reporting: Toll Free Number* - 866.334.6294
                            Smartphone Apps* - found in the iTunes or Android App Stores (Demosphere Phone-it-in)
                           Team Page Login - Coaches/Managers can login to your team page to report scores; this will require a new password to access. Please note, the password for Team Pages is NOT the same as the score reporting PIN#.

* - must have score reporting PIN#


2013 Portland Timbers OPL State Cup Brackets

All brackets (FLIGHTS) are seeded via the serpentine method of, starting with the first seed, going across the brackets to the right, down, and then back across to the left, and so on until all teams were placed.

U11-U14 teams were seeded based on the order of finish, from top to bottom, in the the 2012 OPL Fall Season Standings.
U15-U18 teams were seeded based first, on the semi-finalists from the 2012 OPL State Cup, then by the order of placement in the 2013 OPL Winter Season Standings, through March 18.

In all Brackets, the teams will play as follows: 

3 Team Brackets
1st seed plays 2nd seed at home and 3rd seed away. 
2nd seed plays 3rd seed at home and 1st seed away. 
3rd seed plays 1st seed at home and 2nd seed away. 

4 Team Brackets
1st seed playes 2nd and 3rd seeds at home and 4th seed away. 
2nd seed plays 3rd and 4th seeds at home and 1st seed away.
3rd seed plays 4th seed at home and 1st and 2nd seeds away. 
4th seed plays 1st seed at home and 2nd and 3rd seeds at away. 

5 Team Brackets
1st seed playes 2nd and 3rd seeds at home, and 4th and 5th seeds away. 
2nd seed plays 3rd and 4th seeds at home, and 1st and 5th seeds away.
3rd seed plays 4th and 5th seeds at home, and 1st and 2nd seeds away. 
4th seed plays 1st and 5th seeds at home, and 2nd and 3rd seeds away. 
5th seed plays 1st and 2nd seeds at home, and 3rd and 4th seeds away.

Quarterfinals: April 27
Semiffinals: April 28
Finals: May 4

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