Pay Information for Referees


No payment will be made until the required forms have been submitted to the OPL. 
If you submitted your paperwork to OPL before Aug 2014, you do not need to do this again.

All referees are paid MONTHLY for all games they worked in the previous month. The payment dates for the 2014-15 Season (including NWCL games) are as follows:

- October 3, 2014
- November 7, 2014
- December 5, 2014
- January 9, 2015
- February 6, 2015
- March 6, 2015
- April 3, 2015
- May 8, 2015
- June 5, 2015

The deadline for submitting this paperwork to be included in the next pay date is the 22nd of each month; if your paperwork is received after the 22nd, your deposits will begin the paydate AFTER the next paydate. There are no exceptions. 

The Oregon Premier Council does not issue checks for payment. 

There are no pay dates during the months of July, August, and September. 

Payments are deposited directly into the checking or savings account designated and provided by each referee.

All referees must complete the Referee Pay Packet (see below) to receive payment, including a valid W9 form; while it seems redundant to submit a W9 to us, as well as any referee association you are associated with, with the size and scope of our operations we are required to have a valid W9 on field for each one of our individual contractors, which means we need to have a W9 for every referee officiating OPL games, whether you are owed $10 or $1000.

You only need to submit this ONE TIME, not each month!

PLEASE BE ADVISED: USS compiles the pay report the Monday prior to each pay date to submit to the league for your payment; at that time, your account in Oregon Soccer Central will show you have been "paid," even though the pay date is not until Friday. So while it may show you have been paid on the Monday, the money does not actually appear in your bank account until Friday.  


Pay Procedures for OPL Referees

1. GO TO www.jschmitz.com

2. Enter User Name: referee

3. Enter Password: setup

4. Open  the blank .pdf file, titled opc 5 referee profile.pdf and save it to your computer. When saving, re-name the file as your First Initial and Last Name (ex: J Smith). 

5. Open the .pdf file now saved on your computer and fill in ANY BLANKS HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE. Once completed, re-save the document. It is extremely important to complete this form via computer, so there are no mistakes/misinterpretations of names and names because of difficulty interpreting handwriting.

(If you are a referee requesting to be paid via a pay card, you need to contact Angela at the Oregon Premier League prior to filling out this information.)

6. Open your email program, compose a new email to "joe@jschmitz.com" with your name in the subject line, and attach the completed pay form. He is a nice fellow, so you can write a message too, if you like.   

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