Southside Announce Details for Fall U8-10 PDL

Registration opens on August 1

Registration link available HERE when open

  • Registration Deadline: September 2nd.
  • League play will begin Sunday, 14th September and will end Sunday, October 26th (7 game days all on Sundays).
  • All teams must be prepared to play on the 7 play dates.
  • The 2014/2015 age chart will be used.
  • While teams can be comprised of players at the U8, U9, or U10 age groups. No players above U10 are eligible for any team.
  • Where there are enough teams; we will offer Gold, Silver and Bronze divisions.
  • 25 minutes halves.
  • All games will have a center referee.

U9-U10 (8v8): $425

U8 (4v4): $275

All games will be played at Cook Park and Tigard High School

Special Rules


  1. If the team is behind on the score by 5 goals, they will be allowed to add an extra player to the field. If the margin is then reduced to 4 goals, the extra player must be removed.
  2. Penalty kicks will be taken from the top of the penalty box.

  3. The offside rule is in effect for U9 and U10 divisions. There is no offside in U8, which is played in a 4v4 format.

  4. SLIDE TACKLING will not be allowed...ever!

  5. The home team should wear dark colors for games.

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